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RV042G VPN and the "log jam" vulnerability

Recently (in the past few months or so), we have been unable to log into our RV042G VPN with current browsers, we've had to use browser versions that are several years old.  Researching the error the modern browsers report has led us to believe that ...

Cisco Remote Access VPN IOS Router Problems

I am attempting setup a Cisco 3845 router for remote access VPN to the Cisco VPN client. See the attached network diagram, the router config and debug output. Some of personal information has been changed for privacy reasons. Let me know if you need ...

hd5935721 by Beginner
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VPN driver failure

Hi I get VPN old driver to apply for my windows 8.1 , 64 bits  but no working ; this a messages , I will try to fixed  ,Can you help meAnyconnect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway.velez.efrain@gmail.com


Hi everybody, I have cisco 2901 router, that I just wanted to know IPSEC service is available? Advance thanking. Sreejith Dubai

Resolved! VPN Client Question

As far as I know the VPN clients(anyconnect or ipsec) or the firewall doesn't have a restriction that every client that connects and establishes a VPN session should have a unique public ip address. Let me elaborate, if we have 10 people(contractors)...

Internet explorer 11 and Cisco ASA

Hello everybody, We got some issues with customers complaining about internet explorer 11. The latest update of Microsoft is updating the newest IE11 on the windows 7 and 8 platforms. I know that the IE11 is not official compatible with Cisco ASA. Fr...

S M85 by Enthusiast
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How to block OpenVPN from 2960s switch by ACL

Hi Guys, I have OpenVPN service inside one server and I need to block it from 2960 switch because this server connect directly to this switch. How can I block any user to access to OpenVPN by ACL from switch? Thanks for all,  Mohammad Saeed

Anyconnect to site-to-site without inside network

 Clients Anyconnect => INTERNET => (ASA5505)=>INTERNET=>WORK                                                                       |_____Site-To-Site____| I would like create an Site-To-Site vpn between my home and my work (work don't want to give 3 ...

ASA 5505 VPN Woes

Been attempting this for 3 days now and cannot figure out what's wrong.  Network structure: WAN modem (Motorola) hands DHCP-provided IP to ---> ASA5505  ---> LAN.  ASA is only firewall and acts as DHCP server. PROBLEM: Trying to access LAN resources ...

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