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Guys,Apps configurations policy in Intune allows the Cisco Secure Client app to save the VPN client login and password, this option works for me on Android devices but does not want to work on iOS, the vpn_setting_allow_saved_credentials option I tri...

Bernard82 by Level 1
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I am trying to setup a L2L IPSec VPN between a Cisco ASA and an PfSense software firewall. The VPN tunnel comes up but the issue is that something in my ASA will not let the local traffic go through the tunnel.When I ping from the PfSense side, I see...

linuxman by Level 1
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Hello everybody.I would like to know if there is any tool, whether in the cloud or on-premises but free, that I can link with my ASDM to allow VPN connections based on 2FA/MFA?Recently, due to cost issues, we broke with the DUO that used to do this.S...

Hi Folks,We have DACL applied to an Authorization profile which enables Cisco remote VPN users to login. Please help with below queries :Is DACL pushed to the end user machine or to the ASA itself?If its pushed to ASA, then will how can we see that i...

Hello. Please clarify: Do the 2 VPN tunnel ends each share a unique key= 2 keys in total, or must they use a single same key? I'm confused because I've seen a configuration with only one key... https://youtu.be/sIbi_bYb2k4?t=365In other words, does t...

HI all,I  have VPN configured between two routers, however, the traffic is not encrypted or decrypted.Can someone help me with this please?ITH_WAN#sh crypto ipsec sainterface: Ethernet0/2Crypto map tag: mymap, local addr vrf: I...

RobotAjay by Level 1
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Hello, I recently setup a new Cisco AC vpn , whose headend name is abc.company.com , issue is all the time , whenever user need to connect they need to type it , it is not auto saved. Can you guide what change I need to make at VPN Config of AnyConne...

MSJ1 by Level 1
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Future StateCurrent StateHello,I'm looking for some advice on the following design. Currently, DC A and DC B are using a single FTD 2100, but this will change soon, and those DCs will have two FTDs in HA. In the current state design, which is the rig...

Site to Site.png Current State.png
dcanady55 by Level 1
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