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With Juan RamosWelcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn how to configure, troubleshoot, and optimize the Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) with Cisco technical support expert Juan Daniel Ram...

We currently have and inline content filter we are upgrading to a Cisco WSA.  I am in the final stages and I have a couple of questions in regards to the deployment of the device.  I would like to use WCCP to do this and I have a few questions.Curren...

Hi all,I just setup an ironport S160 appliance on my network. The applaince shows to be up but it does not seem to be capturing users activities. the following are the configuration details:Mode: Transparentdata interface: P1 onlymngt int: management...

IronPort and Cisco ACS5.1 AAA integrationHello,could  someone points me to some docs explaining how to integrate IronPort  appliance with Cisco ACS server 5.1 for admin access , operater access and viewer access and authentication  logs (if possible)...

alex-bank by Beginner
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In the IronPort web security appliance documentation, it indicates that the L4 traffic monitor ports (T1 and/or T2) should be connected to either a network tap or switch span.I'm a little confused as to how this is supposed to be set up.Does it mean ...

Resolved! Future - WSA

Gents.We are currently evaluating a new proxy/filter solution and as we are very happy with the Ironport Email Security appliance we are considering the WSA S370. I have been told focus from Cisco now is shifting to their cloud based service (ScanSaf...

jarandmoen by Beginner
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I have a question regarding the Ironport WSA. Is there is a way to distinguish a category inside the category of video streaming?For example, can I filter a youtube video showing porn, or adult-only material and permit other type of videos?Thanks for...

slizarraga by Beginner
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Hello All,A quick question... just as I can use custom URL categories to whitelist WWW sites or exempt them from authentication requirements, can I do the same with FTP?If I want to allow people through the TFP proxy to, for example, fto.redhat.com d...

Hi,I was wondering where IronPort keeps the data for reporting purposes, since we are sending all log files to a remote server and IronPort still shows information from several months before. Can someone answer this doubt? And how can I manage this d...

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