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I am following all of the directions for uploading a profile pic, however every time I double click on the picture to use (or drag and drop it) nothing happens. The pic is less than the 5 MB limit. I don't get a message of any kind, just nothing happ...

TonyParks by Beginner
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Hello there, I have a question regarding following situation: I as a host want to make a video call with one participant. That participant needs the possibility to share his/her screen or to take over the control of my shared screen (without being a ...

I can't seem to find the Download for WebEx Meetings Virtual Desktop Agent WBS40.x According to this document, https://help.webex.com/en-us/nfjsqzbb/Cisco-Webex-Meetings-Virtual-Desktop-SoftwareIt states :DownloadYou can download the Webex Meetings V...

KB_1982 by Beginner
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Not sure if I have the right community but I have a question in regards to Webex Programs.  I would like to set up a registration approval like the one you can do for Events.  Specifically, I have a program with 8 webinars and would like to be able t...

rozr by Beginner
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I'm new to this and have scheduled 3 meetings a week - 2 are in one schedule on a reoccurring time and the other one is on a Saturday at a different time. why do they display as WST and not EST as set up in the config before I click the Submit button...