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So how to make sense of the

So how to make sense of the deployment guide?  It contains information that primarily contradicts this statement, and includes a diagram clearly showing a traditional WLC.  (See p.20 and also p.12)

I do not understand what "Step 3" means by stating "Reconfigure the WLC so it is not the master", it's not clear whether this is a reference to the embedded WLC/ME capabilities or the WLC you just spent all of Step 2 associating the AP to.  This is VERY confusing.

I am experiencing the same issue with 5 new 1852i AP's "waiting for uplink IP address and reachable default gateway".  In addition to this thread, I found several bugs in the google search results.


I figured it out.  I had a

I figured it out.  I had a misconfiguration in DHCP which was causing the issue.  Thanks for the help!


What was your

What was your misconfiguration?  I seem to be having the same issue, but I have a very simple DHCP config, basically sending a client a DHCP Address, DNS Server and Default Gateway...


I fat fingered my Default

I fat fingered my Default Gateway in DHCP.  If that isn't your issue, I would try setting a static IP on a client on the same VLAN and make sure they can route through the default gateway properly.


Thanks, but that's not my

Thanks, but that's not my issue...  My DGW is correct in the DHCP scope, and other clients seem to be working just fine.  Like you it came up on the trunk port just fine when it came up to provision the AP, but now after reboot it won't pull an AP.  And it apparently isn't far enough along in the boot process to statically assign an IP/DGW either.... Ugh.

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Post the output from the

Post the output from the console. That will tell us what is going on.


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Re: AP1852E Cisco Mobility Express Controller Issues

Just simply plug AP to network where DHCP service is installed and you will get an IP Address.




Re: AP1852E Cisco Mobility Express Controller Issues

I have an 1850e AP with Mobility Express installed with an vWLC and the AP with the same issue, the VLAN where the AP was connected didn't deliver IP Addresses through DHCP, it seem that if the AP cant get a valid IP address the vWLC wont come UP.


I just configure my core Switch and DHCP server to deliver IP Address in the Vlan of the AP and now and the vWLC are working.

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