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Hi NetProI have a WLC 5500 with software 7.3, and some SSID it's using web authentication with a internal custom captive portal, and the configuration works without problem, but, when a client connect at captive portal, the portal captive show the er...

We are running 7.6 on our 5508-WLC.  We have a number of issues w/ 'i-clients' when they go asleep.  From what I can tell, I need to enable the 'sleeping clients' feature (not just the session and idle timeouts). On our WLANs we use Layer-2 (WPA+WPA2...

moody by Beginner
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I have a WLC 5760 and i did below configuration for WLAN:wlan 3 85 GUESTS client vlan 85 no security wpa no security wpa akm dot1x no security wpa wpa2 no security wpa wpa2 ciphers aes session-timeout 1800 no shutdownthe ap is joined with WLC:EFFAT-W...

Hello Experts,I have 2 wlcs in same Mobility doamin in same subnet.1. Which ip i can use  as multicast?2. Can i use same ip on both or it must be different ?Thanks

ittechk4u by Beginner
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Hi,Im currently migrating 2,400 APs to change controller addressing.Id like to know is their a report on NCS i can run that will show me the AP config for Pri/Sec/Ter controller configWe are running  1.3 ( had a look around but not found ...

Si by Beginner
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Hi.I have a WLC 5508 connecting directly to a distribution switch (3850) via a layer 2 etherchannel trunk fibre link with LAG enabled on the WLC.Whenever there is a loss of power to the server room where both devices are hosted & power later gets res...

I have a WLC 2504 & tried installing a permanent license onto it via tftp but kept getting the error message below:"% Error: License file transfer failed - Error from server: Bailing out to bad characters in filename"Tried using tftpd64 & also solarw...

Hi,Some of our AP's oper status are getting down. Their admin status are enabled but why they are getting down? Even I reboot the AP they are still down.Our software version is : 5508Thanks.

blackswans by Beginner
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      i have 12 nos CAP3602I, 4 nos of CAP1552E and CT5508 , i have added all the indoor caps (3602I) in controller, but outdoor caps (1552E) are not adding, so anyone please help me.thanksDebu     

Debudas123 by Beginner
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