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Hi all and thanks in advance for any advice.I have had the same issue now with two 9120AX APs where following a hard reset, pressing the reset button for longer than 20 seconds, I'm unable to login to the device either by SSH or console.  Neither the...

Hello,I have a Cisco AP AIR-CAP1532I-E-K9. I converted it from lightweight to standalone using ap1g3-k9w7-tar.153-3.JK11.The AP has a static IP, I am connected through the console using putty.To be able to connect to the GUI I used the commands "enab...

essicka by Level 1
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Hello, Anyone can help to tell why the AP9120 cannot join c9800 with version 17.5 again. The AP could join the wlc before, now it cannot. Thank you Jul 21 02:16:53 kernel: [*07/21/2021 02:16:53.0003] CAPWAP State: DTLS SetupJul 21 02:16:53 kernel: [*...

I'm just wondering if there is a way to get an output of the serial numbers of all the APs connected to a WLC. I know they can be individually found in the WLC web interface or through the CLI but i'm hoping to find a way to see them all.thanks

dseagren1 by Level 1
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Hi All  we have cisco EWC running with 9115 mixed with 1832i on version 17.9.3,for almost a year. We having some issues with DTLS errors: Could you please help ?   

beconnect by Level 1
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Hello All;We have a new WLC 9800. Transfered APs from old WLC to WLC 9800. Some of APs are broadcasting some of them are not broadcasting.  One of them seems not broadcasting but when i checked on the field it is actually broadcasting.Some of them ar...


Hi all, I'm trying to setup a 9800CL without any vlan. I can set it up and get an IP while using vlan1 from my DHCP server but for some reason I cannot see NASes when I connect my MacBook to the AP connected to the 9800. I can connect to them if I go...

chop249 by Level 1
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9800-40, 17.12.3, 1000 AP, 4 sites I would like all APs to detect rogues but only a subset of them to perform a rogue containment. For example one site is more open and public so we are not alowed to contain rogues while another one is closed and pri...

NAD : WLC 5500 series Wireless controllers Running ISE 2.4 with PATCH 11 still seeing this error : Event : 5400 Authentication failed Failure Reason: 12953 Received EAP packet from the middle of conversation that contains a session on this PSN that d...

Dear Everyone ,We are having issue to join the cisco 2702i AP to our new 9800 WLC . After collecting the debug IP and debug mac address from the 9800 , we found out the 9800 was the one drop the dtls connection with below reason : 2024/06/24 12:38:28...

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