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Hello,I have 2 Buildings located about 1000 Feet apart, I am replacing a failed Bridge and antennas that were working for several years, I Have 2 1262 N AP's using AIR-ANT2460NP antennas on each, I have this working and I think i have this set up cor...

jcleary by Beginner
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My Cisco Prime Infrastructure ver. Prime Infrastructure - I can't see the hardware virtual image when I selected a device managed by Prime Infrastructure. See attached picture.Please let me know how to access or enable the feature. Than...

HI,I have cisco 2504 WLAN controller with 7.4 IOS. My query is can I configure the MAC authentication with certificate based. And without using any external servers like Radius, ACS and LDAP.May I know, If there is a option on WLC…Regards,Satish.

Resolved! AIR AP1142N-T-K9

                   Hello All,I am brand new to wireless and i would like to findout whether AIR AP1142N-T-K9 is standalone or light weight. I read some documents and they say that 1140 series are standalone but nothing particular to 1142 NTK9. if it ...

prabhu446 by Beginner
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Hi guys.I was watching some videos about ISE device on-boarding. How to connect to a WLAN , if employee brings his own device to a job.There is a screenshoot of this process:I just have one question. Employee brings his own device,  we let him to aut...

EvaldasOu by Enthusiast
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Good Afternoon,I had a quick question about romaing with Flex Connect AP's. Looking at this article:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps10315/products_tech_note09186a0080b3690b.shtmlAs far as mobility/roaming is concerned. What do they mean by Fast...

I have wlc 4400 running on, get new wlc 2500 with, on 4400, 12 AP only one will register onto 2500. Both 4400 and 2500 on the same subnet. how to let AP register on 2500 rather than 4400AP model:on 4400 now:  AIR-AP1242AG-A-K9, AI...

p.yang by Beginner
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Hi Community,I was wondering if Cisco WLAN Controller support the 802.11w protocol.802.11w does the same as MFP (Management Frame Protection), but is an IEEE standard. It was ratified in 2009.

Hello, we have purchased a couple of new Aironet APs for our office:AIR-AP1262N-E-K9My objective is to use some of these as wireless monitors to scan the vicinity and to report the SSIDs and RSSI values of all detected APs.Basically something similar...

dbfokusde by Beginner
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Is possible to monitor an NCS servers status via snmp (ie memory usage, disk space etc)? I've been through the NCS server setup and I can find all the references for "SNMP credentials" but the NCS server appears to only use these from rouge AP detect...

da.newman by Beginner
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