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Hi all,   My organisation is in the process of adopting Cisco ACI. Based on how we are structured, we have a dedicated capacity planning department. This team has highlighted that all the normal logs/graphs/info etc, that we need/use, to monitor and ...

Mike4702 by Level 1
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Hi all, I'm very new to ACI, but learning as much as I can.  We are in the midst of building up an ACI fabric mostly for lab use, running the latest v2.0 ACI code. I'm trying to create a Shared L3Out (to the Internet) that all tenants will share.  ...

We had a leaf (leaf604) in pod3 but it was removed (removed from controller). The leaf was moved to a different pod (pod1) as leaf206, and its up and running.  But I get a lot of messages: Specified node not present in the specified pod topology/pod-...