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Hi - Need to find a suggestion on how to discover MLOM card for M5 server. We are trying to deploy Virtual APIC on this server and 2 physical ACI switches are connected to the MLOM card. The problem is we could not detect MLOM card on the server to s...

Dear community In Cisco ACI, when an EPG (Endpoint Group) is extended beyond one VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) instance, its pcTag may be changed from Local scope to Global scope. This is because initially, an EPG is assigned a Local pcTag wit...

maogo11 by Level 1
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In ACI v4, what is the default PC or VPC load balancing method on access interfaces?  I've looked hard in the documentation and all I can see is references to changing to a symmetric hash.  I guess the default is asymmetric, but based on what, exactl...

raarons by Level 1
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Hello all,I have a new APIC-M4 (C225-M6 chassis) that I'm installing, and I wanted to upgrade the software on it to the new 6.0.5(M) version, but before doing that I went to upgrade the CIMC version to the recommended version for 6.0.5(M). Per the Ci...

vv0bbLeS by Level 1
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