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Hello, I am having trouble finding where to create static routes in ACI. In traditional networking, a statement of 'ip route x.x.x.x/29 o.o.o.o' would create this. I'm having a difficult time finding how to replicate that command in ACI. I'm thinking...

Hi, I've configured an L3out using an SVI running on a VPC. At the other end I have a couple of routers running HSRP on the sub-interface that matches the VLAN configured on the SVI in ACI. HSRP packets don't reach peer routers and both are in active...

Hi thereI have to reinstall APIC v5.1 and my CIMC is upgraded successfully.The problem is every time i boot the server from .iso image to install CentOS 7, It stops in one random task. for example: one time stops in "Waiting for Plymouth Boot Screen ...

Va.8427 by Level 1
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  Welcome to the follow-up discussion for the Ask the Experts (ATXs) session of Monitoring Best Practices: Cisco ACI on June 22. [Register for the live session today: 11:00 AM PT │ 2:30 PM BST │ 12:30 PM SGT] *Or if you have any questions regarding t...

Vivien Chia by Community Manager
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