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Cisco UCS X-Series Energy Efficiency Offer


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Hi All,We have WAE 7341 with 4.1.5f code which failed.  We recreated raid after which we see all the disk online, but raid shows offline status.Please find below the sh disk details and sh disk tech support outputwa1#Sh disk detailsRAID Physical disk...

Hello. Any ideas on why our CSS11503 (8.10) would send TCP RST to both client and server involved in an active HTTP connection? CSS was actively managing the client-side and server-side TCP connections involving sequential XML soap request/response p...

Is there any possibility to allow asymetric routing for non-balanced flows.We face a situation in which a server in a LB serverfarm tries to connect another serverin a different segment. The ACE is gateway for this segment but has an own interface in...

owalter by Level 1
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So far I have 2 exchange 2010 servers in a server farm.The ACE seems to be load balancing (1 armed config) the connections fine.However when I show server farm stats I see alot of "failures"real                  weight state        current    total  ...

dclee by Level 1
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Hi all, I am new to WAAS and currently going through the WAAS configutation guide. I have learned that there are three methods to deploy WAAS. Our client has got two sites and they want to accelerate the file sharing across WAN link. The number of us...

Hi all,a question:     if a configure a serverfarm with backup-serverserverfarm host S_Das  rserver DAS1    backup-rserver DAS1_1    inservice  rserver DAS_1