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ACE 4710 - Socket Issue

Hi, I have an issue developing a TCL script with the ACE, because sockets close TCP connections with a reset instead of a FIN. I see that TCL Scripts with the CSM have the socket -graceful command, which closes TCP connections with a FIN instead of a...

fsanchez by Beginner
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Resolved! Ace 4710 can I capture packets on a Load Balancer

We have just implemented JD Edwards we have three servers front ended by ACE4710,most things are good, but I there are some reports(.CSV)generated by the system that cannot be viewed  when going through the load balancer, but ok if going directly to ...

Replacing ACNS device with another model

Hi all,I am looking for some help or instructions to get me going on replacing an ACNS WAE-612 with a WAE-674 model.The device is registered in the CDM manager.I want to remove the old device, put in the new device with the same IP & DNS address and ...

gnijs by Enthusiast
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CSS 80 to 443 redirect with wildcard

Hello,I am doing a 80 to 443 redirect on a 11503 CSS and would like to know if I can do a "wildcard" redirect for after the / ?  For example:I currently have thiscontent test-redirect     vip address     redirect ""...

dpastor by Beginner
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Standby ACE not switching to active even when priority of active member is decreased due to vlan interface tracking.

I have 2 ace in active standby setup with FT configured, FT is working fine when i shut down the active box,at that time my standby becomes active.I have enabled vlan interface tracking recently, when i shut down the interface from switch to which AC...

Resolved! Port range in ACE 4710

Hi,Is it possible to load balance traffic on particulart port range?For example:class-map match-all http-vip2 match virtual-address (port range 3000-3300)I want to filter whatever http traffic for on port between 3000-3300 loa...

winpwnkmr by Beginner
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Resolved! Broadcasts on ACE FT VLAN

We have 2 Cisco ACE modules in a redundant configuration. Each module is in its own 6500 chassis. For the redundant configuration we have an FT VLAN which is a private /24 network.Each ACE Module has its own IP-Adress to communicate within the FT VLA...

ACE 4700 config backup

Hi,We have Spectrum monitoring tool for monitoring the Cisco devices. I configured the ACE appliance and receiving traps, but I am not able to view the configuration of the appliance, I can view the configuration for other Cisco switches. Do I need t...

Sticky in ACE

I have ACE 4710, I have configured the load balancing for the Web Portal. But I am not able to configure the Stickness. Below is the configuation of load balancing. rserver host ITSMWeb_1  description ITSMWeb-1  ip address  inservicer...

csm utilization reports

Attached is output from regarding CSM utilizationUnlike memory statistics, the CPU stats are split across various fields.Does the IXP Engine utlization reflect the CPU usage across different processors?CSM-LB-1#sh mod csm 4 tec utilization Software v...

s3nthil by Beginner
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ANM Import error

HelloWe run 2 pair of ACE modules and I want to import these into ANM.I could import the standby ACEs but not the 2 active ones(allthough identically configured).I get one out of the following error messages:- Failed to import ACE configuration: Devi...

pilg by Beginner
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Resolved! Strange HTTP probe with .cfm files.

Hey All,I setup an http probe that checks a .cfm page for a keyword. according to the documentation there needs to be a content-length in the header for this to be parsed correctly. For some reason this .cfm page does not send the content-length. The...

inetu by Beginner
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