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WAAS WAE boot Fails

Hello everybody,After my WAE-7341-K9 rebooted, it had a boot problem. At the begin, it showed this menu: Press F1 for Setup Press F2 for Diagnostics Controller started Press F12 to select boot deviceAfter I pressed F12, the WAE booted and r...

jvelasquez by Beginner
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Upgrade WAAS from 4.0 to 4.1

In a lab environment I have 1 WAE 612 (4.0) Control Manager and 2 WAE 512 (4.0) with a Transport License.Af first I want upgrade all at 4.1 and go to Transport to Enterprise.First question: for the 612 is it sufficient an upgrade to 4.1 maintaining t...

mperduca by Beginner
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Resolved! CSSClient authentication

I have just had a requirement passed to me.We have a CSS running a single VIP as far as this is concerned. A single SSL- proxy list but two services running behind that.That is two content rules, one a layer 4, the other a layer 5. We want to restrib...

ACNS WCCP Transparent Proxy Issue

We have deployed ACNS on a WAE-612 for transparent proxy via WCCP. WCCP is active on a 6509 and redirects all outbound HTTP/HTTPS traffic through the WAE. The WAE is also configured as a proxy that will accept proxy connections on port 8080.We have...

Resolved! ACE: Problem with SSL termination

Dear All,I'm seeing a strange problem with SSL termination. The context is using Source NAT to backend webservers. The symptom is that the ACE doesn't send back the "server hello" in response to the "client hello". I get an ACK and then a reset from ...

ciscocsoc by Enthusiast
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