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Cisco ACE DoS

We have a security scanning tool  that has overloaded the ACE during it's scans due to the high number of connections it creates towards the servers. I would like to configure the ACE so that it can protect itself from DoS attacks, specificailly I wa...

Resolved! ACE Bridge-mode: How to do FT?

Dear All,I've set up a test user context in Bridge mode on an ACE blade and now want to set up FT to a second blade. The manuals have confused me slightly and most of the examples I have seen relate to routed mode.In my topology I have Router1 connec...

ciscocsoc by Enthusiast
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Resolved! WAAS CM UI not Getting

Dear Team,We have not getting the WAAS CM UI through any of the browser. We have tested with IE 8 and Google Chrome Version 22. Please find the below device details.Device Model: WAE 674Software Version: 5.1.1We are getting following message in brows...

WAAS Module stops routing

HI,I have a strange problem. We have 6 WAAS Modules installed in C3945 Routers with the Enterprise License. The CCM ganz reach the modules do what the should do but after about 4 hours 2 of the modules stops forwarding the traffic they are not able t...

romueller by Beginner
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ACE sticky time-to-expire values

I have sticky group configured on my ACE30 with timeout value set to 65 sec.Could anyone explain me those big values (greater than 3900)  in time-to-expire column on some entries?Petrsticky group : ICMS-PL-STICKYtype         : HTTP-COOKIEtimeout     ...

p.hruby by Beginner
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ACE License downgrade

Hi All, I had an issue with two ACE modules, working in active/standby mode. The active module was replaced after RMA and now I have active module with license ACE30-MOD-16-K9 and standby is with ACE30-MOD-08-K9. I have received the new ACE30-MOD-08-...

vaba by Beginner
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ACE30 boot from supervisor

Hi all,  I am trying to turn up my new ACE30 modules. I have a 6506 VSS with sup2T 15.0(1)SY2. The new ACE30 came with 4.1, and the switch says:%C6KPWR-SW1-4-DISABLED: power to module in slot 2 set off (New fabric sync sequence not supported)OK. I ne...

jonagyula by Beginner
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