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Blocker and licencing

Hello everybody,please how i can understand licencing in Spam and Virus blocker?for example, 50 users is conccurent ? If i have 200 users in Exchange but at same time using max 40 users, can i use Spam blocker with 50 users licences?Because many our ...

How to reset the Blocker

I made a mistake in configuring the listeners of the Blocker , I unchecked services on the listener interface both incoming and outgoing.So now the management ip of the unit is pingable but no services are available. Is there a way to reset it to def...

Mickelkel by Beginner
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Connecting a UPS ?

Hi !We just purchased one unit for 250 Users and we love it. It's awesome. The only question I have is...The manual is stressing the fact that we should always shut down the unit properly to avoid corruption of the file system, which is fine by me. B...

netman by Beginner
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Resolved! SMTP Users

Have 2 users outside of my WAN that get e-mail using smtp.  Mail server is Microsoft Exchange and clients are using Microsoft Outlook.  When I forward port 23 to the Spam & Virus Blocker, the users are no longer able to connect to the mail server (sm...

robertu63 by Beginner
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Options that need to be added to the Advanced Options tab in the SIP trunk window

I was looking at the SIP trunk window in CCA 2.2, and I have seen only one option in advanced options currently. The only option that I have seen currently is additional allowed IP addresses.Here are the options that need to be added there or in a ne...