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I have couple of questionsi) Can some one list where can I check methods and classes of this class-->     conditionobj.set()     conditionobj.test() I am particulary looking at above methods what do they do?ii) What Event...

shik9 by Level 1
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Hello All,I am working with one JTAPI application, during a call when i send the DTMF then it's working properly no issue.But there is no DTMF tone is playing.On the other hand when i press any key on the phone itself then i can here the DTMF tone.So...

In our application, we have integrated Cisco switch and for telephony call control have implemented atapi api.I'm not sure why sequence of callstate is not constant under event 'OnCallStateChanged' When make consultation call to number which is in bu...

Hello, I have an issue, I accept a call on a CTI Route Point, but do not answer the call. I leave the call in Accepted state and after 88 seconds I get a call Disconnected event with reason NoAnswer. Who dropes the call, can this be configured in CUC...

I'm trying to match bib cisco invite to its corresponding cti event.  For instance for a particular call, the cisco bib guid is: 0429206016-0000065536-0000000135-1665425418.  However in the begin call event, the value is "92100AD201E820...

phil.nwoha by Level 1
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Hi there,We have recently hired and SIP trunk with an ISP, which has some requirements to allow the flow of calls from customers.Our scenario is WITHOUT CUBE in between:                               SIP TRUNK(CUCM 10.5) <===================>(ISP)The...

ggl277808 by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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Hello, with Cucm 8.6 I can find an answered call in callChangedEvent: CiscoCall mycall = (CiscoCall) eventList[i].getCall();   //get the call//check if both the connections of the call are "CONNECTED"if ((mycall .getConnections()[1].getState() == Con...

bruna2000 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi, I'm currently testing interop between Cisco VG and Intervoice IVR using E1 lineside (CAS - FXS Loopstart) as Diagram below;When customer (in this case ext.1235) calling in, the call will route to intervoice and intervoice will transfer this call ...

sniramon by Cisco Employee
  • 10 replies
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Hello!Where can I find the current version of the CiscoLineDevSpecificMsg.h file which contains the extensions for CALLINFO. The only file I have found in a Cisco TAPI sample is quiet old and does not contain any CALLINFO related structs.Taking the c...

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