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Minor bug? This has been a major thorn in our side for quite awhile now. Running a continuous circular buffer capture of asp-dropped packets is great for debugging connectivity issues. No excuse for this to be lingering for as long as it has.

I installed Fix   CSCvg75447 - Duplicate User Group Names across AD/Realm causes the user download to fail  and now Sourcefire Fails on Duplicate Usernames and not group Names. Cisco fixed the duplicate group name issue, but not for duplicate names a...

Hi All,   I am facing issue with the unity connection while accessing the menu >>Cisco unity serviceability >>Alarm . I am getting an error "Access Denied" Can somene help me how to resolve this .   Please look into the screen-shot for more clarity....

access denaid.png

The status is fixed but this occured after patch 6 which is the last available patch for this version. What happens the next year end? Will we have to live through another 7 hours of the appliance not working right? Why have a local timezone setting ...