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Hi, evereone! Who know any proposal how to apply a lot of network tecnology of cisco in scale of whole city. Can you advice any ideas, such as telepresence in many government offices (medical, education) or even building "rational" city?

This might be regarded as a troll but as I'm unable to contact Cisco in any other way, here we are. On I'm presented with a message that my ID is not setup with a TAC servi...

Hi guysI just finish a CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals. Can pls someone tell me if i can use this certificate in finding a job? And where to i fit in with this? Thank You

First order of business,  I've read as many previous questions and all the Q&A for the Power Calculator and none of the answers quite make sense to me at this point.  Let me start off with I used the Cisco Power Calculator on an ASR 9922.  After conf...

Hi, i am studying for my CCNA exam and using packet tracer i have designed a network as configured below. OSPF works fine meaning i can ping all devices from any network. however, if i remove a serial interface from any router there is  no fail over ...

Hi everyone I need help with software downloading. I added  my contract number to cisco profile but unable download software from downloads . Here is the screen displaying after click download button.Please help )

AliyevRas by Level 1
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Hello,I have a couple routers I am practicing with for the CCNA. I don't have serial links or cables to connect them so I'd have to use ethernet cables. However no matter what I do the two routers will not ping. I've made sure ip and subnet were corr...

This is from Wendell Odom's book:An enterprise uses a dual-stack model of deployment for IPv4 and IPv6, using OSPF as the routing protocol for both. Router R1 has IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on its G0/0 and S0/0/0 interfaces only, with OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 ...