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DNA Center stops working.The web interface is not responding to either the cluster ip address or the real ip address.So I enter via SSH, and enter "sudo maglev-config update"I notice that under the interface I have configured (enp94s0f0), the DNS Ser...

dal by Level 3
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Hello everyone,,My company will be moving towards Cisco DNA in the future and they wanted me to do my homework as to what training I will need. Could anyone recommend a company that does training or a specific course? I've been looking up youtube vid...

NiganKhan by Level 1
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Hello everyone,,Digital Network Architecture is a network architecture developed to support digital business transformation. Many businesses are going through a transition of modernizing and digitizing their processes. A company's network has to supp...

Ressler by Level 1
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PnP Claim fails with message:"The following devices (1 of 1) are not eligible for claim:MDF is not supported for this PID"Switch is WS-C3560CX-12PD-S / 15.2(4)E5 and DNAC version is to "Cisco DNA Center Supported Devices" PnP should ...

rlillqvis by Level 1
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Hi All, We have just received our DNA Center appliance. Need your help to configure initial setup and next steps.What is the latest Image I need to use?Do I need to connect this to one of the 9300 Switch or can I connect to any management 3750 switch...

ccnarc by Level 1
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Hello TogetherCurrently I set up a DNA-PnP station to configure the Cisco 9300 switches.Unfortunately the switches do not connect to the Cisco DNA.This is the error message, I can't get any further! Info: I changed the domain to *Sep 6...

ardit by Level 1
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If logging to a syslog server is enabled on DNA center, what is the amount of daily log volume we could expect?I suppose this will also be related to the number of devices (switches, clients) managed by DNAC. Are there any guidelines for calculating ...

Hi Guys We've just about completed a new network build which is pretty much end to end Cisco. (Cat 9k core + Access w/ ONE Advantage, Aironet 2800 APs, Nexus DC). As part of this Cisco threw in one of the DNA Center appliances and we're trying to fig...

equinn by Level 1
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