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force Agent logout - Cisco Finesse

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Hello ,

if there was a way we can schedule a job to force logout Agent in bulk. We have jabber reset job schedules on CUCM side , but is there  a way we can do for Finesse agents in bulk.


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There is no native way to do this, but it can be done with a bit of programming on your end. What you need to look at is Supervisor initiated logouts. You may find some information on this over at DevNet as that’s where use of various APIs would be discussed.

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This is the way. Biggest issue is that you have to have a dummy supervisor on all teams which will handle the automation.


I would definitely advise against doing it via CUCM, as you risk disabling people who maybe are working a little late or whatnot, and then it can start fostering a thought of the system not working/breaking at times, or even worse, giving them the idea that it is OK to log out incorrectly.
You can do it via an automated method, but you might want to consider as a start having the supervisors log people out via supervisor desktop; this way if they find that some people are consistently working at 5:10pm (just say), that the automated job at 5pm they thought was a good idea may not be. Just my $.02.

Omar Deen

In bulk? I don't know of a way, but you could probably copy/paste commands to boot an agent. You can use procmon

procmon <instance> <pg> <pim>
resetas <agentid>


procmon cisco pg1a pim1
resetas 123456

AgentID in the Agent table is the PeripheralNumber

Thank you @Omar Deen . I will try this out on the Lab and see what can be done for bulk .

I Think there is an inactive timer you Can set on desktop setting that logs you agent out after that timer if tv’et are in not ready 

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Thanks, Thomas G. J.

Hello Thomas 

thanks for your reply. 

question - will that setting will make a effect on Finesse . Because the RNR on the ADS wont make any impact on Finesse and we had to set that on CVP .
so just need a solid confirmation if that setting will work as it states . We are on 12.6 version CCE.

If you're referring to the agent desktop setting logging people out when they are not ready, it works, but keep in mind that is for all codes. So if you have agents who remain in while they go to lunch say, that could impact them as well as the people you're trying to address at the end of the day.

We have it set for 2 hours and that works ( we dont Care what the reason is, but if thet are not ready for 2 hours we log Them out ).

so yes it works - just take in notice what @bill.king is writing

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Thanks, Thomas G. J.

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Thank you @bill.king1  @Thomas G. Johannesen  for the replies. It was really helpful.