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HDS & Logger Replication Process

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We have an IPCC 6.0 environment with a duplexed Rogger and a AW HDS. The AW HDS work fine in real-time-feed but the "Replication" process displayed the error above:

"16:05:02 Connection To Server Broken on geoeurrgra using port 40026.

16:05:12 Synchronizer is unable to establish connection to peer.

Last EMT Error [10060]: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

Please, can you help me to resolve this problem?



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Is Historical Data Replication enabled in Logger Setup on the Rogger?

What does the Logger Replication process say?



the Hitorical Data Replicatrion is enabled and the logger Replication process state as above:


12:53:28 Trace: Release, Build 11371

12:53:28 Initializing Event Management System (EMS) Library.

12:53:28 Trace: EMS Server pipe xxxx\LoggerB\rplEMSPipe enabled for xxxx\LoggerB\rpl

12:53:28 Initializing Node Manager Library.

12:53:28 Trace: EMT I/O completion ports: max threads=4, concurent threads=0

12:53:28 Trace: Registry Watch Started for Subkey = SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\xxxx\LoggerB\Logger\CurrentVersion

12:53:28 Trace: Registry Watch Started for Subkey = SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\xxxx\LoggerB\Recovery\CurrentVersion

12:53:28 Trace: DB-Library version 7.00.839.

12:53:28 Trace: SQL Server version 7.0.961

12:53:28 Trace: Connect to xxxx_sideB database.

12:53:28 Trace: Connected to xxxx_sideB database.

12:53:28 Trace: Setting the maximum number of DB-Lib connections to 101

12:53:33 Trace: SQL Server sort order is bin_iso_1

12:53:33 Trace: Database uses Major Version 84, CC Minor Version 3 of the Schema

12:53:33 Trace: Logger Compatible with Major Version 84, CC Minor Version 3 of the Schema

12:53:33 Trace: Partitioning is not enabled!

12:53:33 Trace: Starting Recovery Key for Admin table is 374939213000.0

12:53:33 Trace: MDS Connection Thread Started

12:53:33 Trace: Replicate History Thread Started

12:53:33 Trace: Recover History Thread Started

12:53:33 Trace: ReplicationServer client connection is initialized.

12:53:33 Trace: RecoveryServer client connection is initialized.

12:53:47 Connection to MDS process established.

12:53:47 Trace: Replication is registered with MDS; handle = 129


Have you any idea?



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I ahve encountered the same problem. Can you let me know how you resloved yours?



Where there are timeout errors from your HDS replication process but the Logger process does not even show the HDS trying to connect, I'd suggest verifying that your Nic bindings are in the proper order.

To do that go to Start/Settings/Network and Dial up Connections, choose Advanced/Advanced Settings from the tool bar and make sure that under Connections your Visible Ethernet card is the 1st listed.

What I've seen happen pretty often is that Replication comes up and binds to your private ethernet card (due to bindings being backwards) and therefore when the HDS comes up it can't reach the logger for Replication as they on completely distinct networks.

Hope it helps!


Hi Skippy,

i modify the binding order. Now is all OK.




where do I check the bindings for the LoggerReplication.

I changed the nic visibiliy , but no luck..!!



To check binding order on any machine go to the following, go to Network Settings and from the menu items -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings -> Adapters and Bindings window will open. Make sure that the Visible NIC is first and the Private NIC second in the Connections window. This should set for all components in ICM, Router, PG, logger.

Alos verify that both the Client and Server Network settings with SQL are set with Named Pipes first then TCP/IP. Open SQL Enterprise Manager and right click on the Server (possibly Local Host) and you should see a button for Network Connections. Be sure to do this for client and server components. This should be done on the AW and Loggers.


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I have the same problem i verified Binding is fine.

Distributor Replication process on my AW keep bouncing, and i'm not getting any Historical Data i only got realtime data.

any idea ?

though this is old post ...This could be an issue with the Operating system itself....check for the service called "server" restart the service and check.....


Check the Tempdb size and file growth should be autogrowth Because the reports are tepmoraly inserted in to tempdb before inserted in to the HDS database.So if u does't have enough space on the tempdb the historical data wont get replicated.and also check your tranaction logs and truncate that also.



ICM Staging guide has settings for the tempdb. Many cusotmers forget to set the tempdb correctly.

Check page 139


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oops -responded to original message not last response :)