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Resolved! Remove file

Hi There,I created a scritp that records a message and send it by e-mail.. (voicemail script) .. it's working fine..But I notice that the recorded files were not removed from server.How can I remove them ? Is there any step that I missed ?Thanks. And...

Issue Report Name : IPCC Peripheral Skill Group Consolidated half Hour.Issue Description : One and half hour report data's are missing. Please find the attached file to view the report. F.Ex the reports shows 3/8/2009 1:30:00, then its showing 3/8/2...

I need to know a scenario that would cause a split brain Central Controller. I have my Central Controller split across two different sites and we recently had a failure of the Public and Private WAN. Each site still had local connectivity (Rogger A...

Resolved! CTIOS Features

Looking to see if the following features are present and/or editable/configurable in CTIOS:1. Threshold Indicators in CTIOS Supervisor - ex. when calls queued are over 5 minutes: turn into red color (just like in CAD)2. Any way to make some of the un...

SAN J by Level 2
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I have 1 csq with 10 standard agents and 2 supervisors. I need a call to come in and if queued tries all the standard agents for about 5 minutes then failover and try the 2 supervisors. I can't create a 2nd csq witht just the sups in as it would mean...

I have two skilled queues. Agents are assigned to their respective queues based on their training. I have a handful of agents in CSQ2 that are trained to take overflow calls from CSQ1. As I have it set up now, those cross-trained agents have the skil...

I am searching for the schema or fields information about the CDR data i have exported from CCM5.1. Can any one help me to find out the fields information? Attached are the fields.

K_require by Level 1
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Hi, We have to check area code in ANI and route it to a selected CSQ. Could you please tell me how to do this? Is it possible to do this with simple Boolean statement?

pgamage by Level 1
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I'm trying to setup IP Communicator for use with IPCC Express. The issue I'm having is when the agents try to log in using the IP Communicator they can log in but when they select to make themselvs ready they are getting a message saying requesting a...

dfhensley by Level 4
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Hi All,I am using Webview version 7.2(2) and when I am trying to create a report executing the wizard, there are no items (Agents, Skillgroups,...) listed.The following error message is returned (in red) into the web page:"There are no items to displ...

doro by Level 1
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