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QM 8.5.2 Installation

Frank Kicenko
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I'm installing QM 8.5.2 on a Windows 2008 x64 server co-resident with SQL 2005. During QM Database configuration 'verifying service connections' I keep getting "Service connection failed... verify Surrogate and Data API services started". All services appear to have started. Within the C1Surrogate0001 log files it shows that it starts and completes and then shuts down.

Any ideas?

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Graham Old
Rising star
Rising star

Uninstall IIS.

The Surrogate and Data API services wants to take over TCP port 80 but can't as the IIS server is using it.


Thanks Graham

Uninstalled the IIS, but still have same issue message .

so any more advice ?



Please use the below Calabrio QM support forum and search for your current issue, if not found post it there also.



I am having this same issue but using SQL 2008.

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I am running Server 2008, SQL 2008 SP2 and this solution worked for me.

Here's the resolution to the issue.  The Calabrio forum didn't contain any of this information.

Installed Windows SQL Server 2008 as a pre-requisite for Cisco (i.e. Calabrio) Quality Management (QM) call recording, version 8.5(2). 

Following SQL installation, I walked through the database user creation process.  For this particular step, refer to the WFM installation guide.  It is much more thorough than the QM guide.

I then installed QM 8.5(2).  Following application installation on the D:\ drive, PostInstall.exe runs in order to create the SQMDB, start Jetty, etc.  During this installation step, I received the following error after entering my SQL Server IP address, instance name (n.b. if default), username, and password:

The error is generated because port 80 (HTTP) is being used.  Researching Calabrio's website and Cisco's Support Forums didn't produce any tangible results.  The standard explanation is focused around IIS being configured, however, that was not my case.

Iran the following commands to determine what was using port 80:

- netstat -a -b

- netsh http show urlacl

It turns out that SQL Server 2008 was using port 80.  This edition of SQL has a tool called "Reporting Services," which provides a web-based GUI to present SQL performance information.  This needs to be changed in order to successfully complete the QM installation.

Open "Reporting Services Configuration Manager" and navigate to "Web Service URL."  Under "Report Server Web Service Site Identification," change the TCP port.  I used 8080.  Once you save this, the URL listed should change to reflect this.

You will also need to navigate to "Report Manager URL" on the left sidebar and change that port as well.  Click "Advanced" in order to change the port.  I used port 8080 for that as well.

Following this change, I was able to complete the QM installation.


- WFM 8.5(2) Installation Guide

- QM 8.5(2) Installation Guide


Matthew Berry | Solutions Architect, CCIE #26721 (Voice) World Wide Technology, Inc. | +1 612-219-0040 PS Engineering: Innovate & Ignite

Great job Matthew! It worked perfectly for me.

Hi All,

     i have the same error message although i don't have IIS or SQL reporting service installed, so any ideas please ?

i fixed this error message by installing the service pack 3 for SQL 2008.

Excellent Matthew!

It still holds true today with SQL 2012 and QM 10.5.1

I completely forgot about the reporting services.

Thank you for the excellent step by step, you saved my bacon!


I concur with ensjsprunger.  great post. Thank You! 

100% on target solution to the problem.  SQL installs both web and report services onto port 80 (thank you Microsoft).

It worked perfectly for me as well....Thanks Matthew !!!! :-)
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