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Queue music is not releasing calls when agent is available

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Dear experts, need your urgent suggestion here –

I have configured a Network VRU script on UCCE for queue music but problem is even if agent is available queue music keeps on playing to callers and call does not connect to caller. Please advise if something is wrong with below configuration.

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Jason Hutchinson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is your Network VRU script configured as "Interruptible" ?

For announcement and music type of treatments, put the VRU Scripts in                             interruptible mode. This allows the call to be connected to the first                             available agent even while the caller is listening to a VRU script.

You set the interruptibility of a VRU script through the Network VRU Scripts gadget in the Unified CCE Administration Web tool.

i am in Configuration parameter -------> Network VRU Script list and i can see that interruptibe check box is checked here.

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Level 1

see this image


Check 2 things,

1) Make the Agent ready and place a test call and see if he is getting the call? This is just to ensure that the agent is in that Skill Group

2) Go to ICM script in monitor mode and right click and select Disply Real Time Data and see if the Ready/Not Ready count is 1 for that Skill Group.



Also, check the Route used for the skillgroup is appropriate :

Thank you for your response. We did multiple testing on this application and RUN External Script is not interruptible for some options on IVR but same RUN EXTERNAL SCRIPT configuration is working and it’s interruptible for some options. We checked all variables being set in application to validate if it’s any variable for some options making media file non-interruptible but couldn’t find anything.

Finally, we created a new skill group and routed non-interruptible calls to these new skill groups and everything was fine after this. It is clear that skill group configuration is not allowing RUN EXTERNAL SCRIPT to be non-interruptible. This is really a very strange issue because skill group configuration is absolutely fine. I also checked route of skill group and it's similar to other working skill group.

Can you pleese suggest what configuration may be casusing skill groups problem ?