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We're running UCCX 8.5 and CUCM 8.6.  Our UCCX server that has two purposes.  It has some traditional applications that route calls to csq's and agents.  Then we have about 400 stores that have front end menus (press 1 for sales, press 2 for human re...

Dear Experts,I have setup of 2 call managers and 2 UCCX servers. the publisher of CCM and UCCX need recovery. I use the recovery disk for the CCM and it is back to life again.When I try to resotre the UCCX , I didn't fine a recovery disk for UCCX. I ...

Hello, I am atteempting to write an ICM script that will route calls based on the incoming DN. I have an If node using a formula to check the right most 3 digits of the string, if the 3 digits match a particular set then route the call to a particula...

Hi Guys,My Customer have a solution CUCM 8.6.2 integration UCCX 8.0.2 Premium. The Customer would like monitoring the system and verify if there are congestion of ports or if is need buy more IVR license. Below the configuration License InformationCo...

wilsonsant by Frequent Contributor
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I accidently load a script from 8.0.2 UCCX server using UCCX editor 9.0.2 then overwrite on it. Application Management deosn't like to load the script anymore. I know Time of Day is changed in 8.5 but it still says 'An error occurred while loading th...

hans.choi by Beginner
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                  HI,                                      I was pulling a stock monthly report and some of the moths are duplicated , but with different data. What could cause this to happen.Thank you for any help.

HiHow can I lower the volume of the tone played to an agent that alert him that he is being monitored by a supervisor? The tone plays every few seconds and is too loud almost overcoming the conversation.We are using Call Manager based silent monitori...

rhobab by Beginner
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Good Day. For what reasons Java classes can not be displayed in Cisco Unified CCX Editor? Iv'e uploaded fev Java Classes in UCCX "Document Manager\default\classpatch\", and they dont appear in CCX Editor as variable type.Are there specific instructio...

Some agents sometimes getting error message " Requested operation failed" when they transfer the call via CAD 8.5 (2a) . system is connected UCCE 8.5. Does any one know about this issue,,, or what logs to check whether call is transfered or not...?  ...

hardiksp by Beginner
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