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Silent Monitor not working on specifics Agent Extension


Hello guys,


I've tried to use silent monitor but I received the error below:


"Silent monitoring operation failed. Agent phone build-in-bridge is not turned on or it does not have the monitoring capability. (CTIError=13144)"


It's strange because for some extensions the silent monitor works fine but for other one doesn't works. CSS and Partition are fine, since both phones have the same configuration. Builtin Bridge is ON, Privacy is OFF. The application PG user has the permission to monitor also. Mac address are in capital letters.


Phone models are 7945G and 7965G.


Any other suggestion or log to check?


We are using UCCE 11.5, Finesse 11.5 and CUCM 11.5.



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Chintan Gajjar

did you check if the monitoring CSS on supervisor line includes part of the agent line?



It's included. As I said, one extension is working and another one isn't. The both extensions have the same configuration.

Was the phone reset after BiB was added to the phone configuration, that is called out in some of the documentation?

Also, it might be worth as a test having another supervisor try and monitor the same two phones, if they get the same results. Or have the agents trade phones just to ensure that the problem always exists with the one extension.



Yes, I reset the phone after BiB. No supervisor is using SM, since it's not working properly yet.


Which CUCM logs I can collect using RTMT to see error messages about Silent Monitor?

 Having the same issue with one extension all others are OK.


Did you find the solution to this error?

Had this problem it was bug CSCvf56538


JTAPI CM based silent monitoring fails with error "-1932787484" if the monitoree DevName is lower case.

Silent monitoring is not working. Supervisor see following error message on CTIOS when they try to monitor a call.

"IPCC Error[13144]Monitoring has encountered error, please make sure that Built-In-Bridge is turned on and the phone has the moniotring capability"

07/22/2010 14:26:01.781 CCM|Monitoring
-::getting_monitoree_call_info_SsCallInfoRes - Not allowed monitoring.

CM based silent monitoring. CTI application triggered monitoring.

1. Change the device name to all uppercase in CUCM: Device > Phone
2. Change the device name to all uppercase in the IP Communicator desktop application itself: right click > preferences > Network
3. Close the ip communicator and open it again.
4. Go to the application user (the QM user) and un-assign the ip communicator then assign it back.

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