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UCCX 8.0(2) change os admin password

Tim Smith
Level 4
Level 4

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to figure this out..

I want to change the operating system / platform administrator password..

I thought that the following command would do the trick:

utils reset_ui_administrator_password

However, I do this, and it says it has changed the password.. but it doesnt change. Same thing for the username equivalent.

Has anyone seen this?

I know I can change it using the pw recovery method, but I havent lost the password, I just want to change it.



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Just tested this in the callmanager (they are using the same platform)

This command changes the web admin password and not the OS password.

Probably this is the same for UCCX only that in UCCX we don't use the web admin password (as we authenticate via AXL from the callmanager)



Hi Joe,

The pwrecovery works. As I stated in my original post though, I dont want to use this. I dont think customers should have to perform a password recovery to change the terminal password.

It seems like the command in the UCOS is not doing what it is supposed to.



Hi Christos,

I suspect this is a bug to be honest.

There are 2 commands..

One suggests it would change the terminal password and username

The other suggests it would change the AppAdmin UI password and username

It actually seems like both commands change the AppAdmin UI user and pass.

You use AXL eventually, but you use the appadmin password for your original login to run the init wizard.

I'm going to try and apply latest update and see if this has changed.



If the system is running base uccx 8.0(2) then the comands will not work - you are right its a defect

Upgrade to Su2 should help resolving the problem



Sorry to bring this back up, but I ran into the same issue with my 8.0(2) installation.  I was unable to reset the application UI username or password so I upgraded to SU3.  I still have the exact same issue.  I would assume that any fix in SU2 would be in SU3... is this not the case?

Hey mate.. until I see bug in bug toolkit and fixed in details.. I'm not convinced it is fixed.

I haven't had a chance to try SU2 yet though..



Thanks, is there a Cisco bug ID for this defect?



Hi Smith,

Here is the bug description:


please note the versions which the bug fixed in:

8.0(2.11004.1) which is 8.0(2) SU3

And you can download it from here:



This is the update i got from cisco Earlier, Tac Engineer has logged in with the root access. And after that we were able to login.

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