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Paul Gaydos

UCCX 9.0.2 - Post Call Customer Satisfaction Survey

Has anyone ever built a script in UCCX to handle a post call customer satisfaction survey where the user would hear a question and then press 1 for yes, 2 for no, or weigh the service on a scale from 1 - 5?

I am sure something like this is very feasible but not quite sure how or where to start.  Does anyone have any sample scripts or can point me in the right direction for where I might be able to find a script to handle a post call survey.

We are using UCCX 9.0.2 with Cisco Unified CCX Enhanced licensing.




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Hi Paul,


I have attached a script that I have recently worked on but requires Premium licensing for database writes, which I then report on via an Excel spreadsheet with an ODBC connection for live refresh of the data and update of charts. However, being as you have only Enhanced licenses, the script also includes Enterprise Call Info variables for each answer (Y/N), which are then written to the CCX database and can be reported on via CUIC using the Custom Call Variables report and filtered on "survey" (I then created a custom report on CUIC based on the CCV report and modified the columns to only show the callers number, application and survey answers - Var1, Var2, Var3 etc).


Also, the script reports on abandon points so admins can easily see where callers get fed up and drop the call and it is flexibly designed so that it can be either called directly or have an agent transfer a caller to it (directly or via CAD custom function button) and include the Agent ID and CSQ the caller called into. You could also, easily adapt the script to report on agent performance with 1-5 ratings for example, instead of Y/N answers that I have used.


An image of the Excel report I use is shown below:




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We have covered this on the forums many times; I suggest poking around the search button for a while.

At a very high level, you associate the End Call button in CAD to a workflow macro that transfers the caller to another application. That application is just a normal IVR script with Explicit Confirmation / Menu / etc. options to collect answers. Where you store the data is up to you but most have an external database.

Related thread I answered a few days back:

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perfect with cad, but if the agent end phone call on your hardphone? in this case the call is not sent to the survey, How can I do it?

thanks a lot!!!!


you can add a button on CAD, this button will  transfer the caller to survey script



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thank for your help, but what happen when agent release the call from his hardphone? not from CAD button.




You need to agent to transfer the call to the post survey manually.

you can let the agent transfer the call from the phone as normal extension.

or normal transfer from the CAD.

for ease of use configure that button in the agent Desktop



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when agent drops the call from his hard phone, exist any configuration to send call automatic to survey?

I understood CAD operation and configuration but my customer migrate from Avaya and they need send call to survey automatic when agent drops calls

This feature in Avaya environment is called Return Destination, my customer used this feature and now they are looking the same behavior on Cisco





try to configure blind transfer rule with answer/drop buttion in the CAD to transfer the call to post call survey



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I've uploaded to SendSpace again Anas so you can download from here:



Thank you very much.


Best Regards

Hi Rob,


So we bassically we need create a new SQL database with those specifications on a separate box? And sync with the CCX user? Also agents will need to press a transfer button to hit the survey, correct? 






That's correct  Pablo. Create the DB using whatever columns you need based on the query I used then setup the DB parameters on CCX so that you can write to the DB from the script.

Using a CAD Blind Transfer macro button, the agent can then just transfer the caller to the Survey app trigger.

Transfer method works great with CAD but if anyone is trying with Finesse (CCX10+) then it's a bit more tricky to do this transfer as there are no buttons unless you write a call control gadget or do something with a HTTP macro when the agent ends the call (ie send a HTTP POST back into a CCX HTTP trigger to fire off the Survey trigger).



Has anyone made it, to get this running at Finesse?

I have the same problem, could you solve it?





Hi @Jonathan Schulenberg,

I have the ccx version 11.5 with finesse agents. I am not the dba guy but the telecom engineer. Is there some step by step guide to how create a survey with external database?

Best regards,
Daniel Sobrinho
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