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You may have heard about Mistral AI, a French company in artificial intelligence. It was founded in April 2023 by researchers previously employed by Meta and Google. It has raised 385 million euros, or about $415 million in October 2023. In December ...

mistral.png mistral perf.png
davidn# by Cisco Employee
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There are so many programming languages to choose from. The top 10 languages in the April 2023 Tiobe Index are as follows: PythonCJavaC++C#Visual BasicJavaScriptSQLPHPGo Incidentally, I find the inclusion of SQL odd, since it's a relational database ...

npetrele by Cisco Employee
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For today's Trivia Tuesday, the topic is IPv6. After all of this time, there is plenty of trivia associated with this concept! I worked on an IPv6 knowledge base portal for Cisco back in 2011, and at the time, it seemed like IPv4 had a very limited a...

Tuesday Trivia 7-11-23.jpg

Hi all!We are currently preparing to connect to the EoX API, and saw that both EndOfSecurityVulSupportDate and LastDateOfSupport have similar looking descriptions and results.The descriptions according to the API specification are as follows:EndOfSec...

It's Thursday, which means it’s time again for This Week in Tech!!! Mojo Lang - A fast futuristic Python alternative Mojo is a new programming language designed for artificial intelligence (AI) development. It is a superset of Python, which means tha...

davidn# by Cisco Employee
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