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Call Forwarding Help

Fred Rawlings

Hi all...Is there a way to setup call forwarding to a users external number (cell phone) without programming an IP phone?

Here's the story, the regional managers in our office all work remotely and have office of desk here in the corp office, I've been tasked with assigning extensions to them and then forwarding their extension to their cell phones, first it was only a request for a couple of them, so I just took a couple of spare 7912's  laying around and configured both with extensions, turned on call forwarding, unplugged the phones and stashed them in my cabinet, the forwarding works fine, but now I've been requested to set this up for all of them and we're about 10 or so more people. Is there some way to accomplish this without having to configure 10 or more phones with extensions and turning on the call forwarding? I would hate to have phones just sitting around or stuffed in my cabinet for the sole purpose of forwarding, if that's the only way it can be done then I guess I'll be forced to do it like that.

We're using CUCM 8.6


Thanks in advance for any helpful tips or suggestions

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi there,


+5 to my friends Manish & Jameson here for their excellent tips smiley


You can also use Device > CTI Route Point to accomplish this task as the same type of "virtual" config can be set there as well. Set the CFWDALL to the external mobile numbers for the managers on the DN page of the CTI-RP.

I prefer the CTI - Route Point method as you can search for it easily and it won't be deleted by accident.




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