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hunt group forward to shared voicemail account on no answer

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I have a hunt pilot, hunt list, and line group setup with 2 numbers to try before it forwards to a the voicemail of the first user in the line group.  I would like the hunt pilot to forward to a shared voicemail of an account that I can then add to the outlook of both users in the line group.  Rather than it going to just one user, both users can view the voicemail in their outlook.  I am not sure how to make this happen.  Right now, there is a voicemail account configured in CUC for the hunt pilot number.  Can extension used for the hunt pilot also be a voicemail account?  Do I need to create a 4th user/voicemail in CUC just for this shared access?  I am new to CUCM and CUC and have been teaching myself by Googling stuff for the last few weeks, but for some reason I cannot figure this one out.  Thanks for any help provided.  

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Dennis Mink
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So your huntgroup properly forward it to CUC. that part is working right? your question is now it lands on CUC, how do you make it a shared voicemail  (shared by all users in the huntgroup) so if someone leaves a message on that voicemail account all huntgroup members get flagged that a new message is available?

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Yes this is correct.  Right now its forwarding successfully to the voicemail of the first user in the line group.  I need it to forward to a shared voicemail as you mentioned.  I am probably over thinking this.  I am not sure if this is a "CUC problem" or an "Active Directory problem."  Thanks for any help you can offer.

If you want to have a dedicated mailbox for this general purpose the best option is to build new mailbox with new extension, then under the hunt pilot set the forward no answer to point to this extension, have this extension defined as CTI route point and set for forward all to voicemail. On the voicemail box you will need to add alternate extension that matches the hunt pilot number.

Lastly for single inbox you will need to associate this new mailbox with new Exchange mailbox and setup access to this email mailbox from each outlook as separate account, or if you are not using single inbox add IMAP account integration directly to the UCXN.

I have tried the setup you described and cannot get it to work.  I think I am missing something in my configuration.  It probably has something to do with CSSs or partitions or something.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

What is not working? Please describe what is happening.

I created an end user in CUCM called Support with 7796 as telephone number and an email address that we setup in office365 and tested good.  No devices are associated with the Support end user and they are in "local staff" CSS.  This is the account we want shared on 2 user's outlook and we already have that part setup and working.  Line group contains 7978 and 7798.  Hunt list contains the 1 line group.  Hunt pilot is 7797 and contains the 1 hunt list and is set to forward unanswered to *7796 in "local staff" CSS.  *XXXX is setup in CTI route point as direct transfer to voicemail.  I imported this end user into CUC and added the alternate extension of 7797.  I did not change any other settings.   I think thats about it.  I am new to this CUCM and CUC stuff so I might be forgetting something or over looking something.

edit: I forgot to mention what is going wrong!   I call the hunt pilot and it rings the 2 numbers in the hunt list.  Then it goes to the voicemail of the Support user and I can leave a voicemail.  The voicemails never show up in the inbox.  

edit: Ok I think I figured it out.  I had to go into the user on CUC and change their unified messaging account from exchange to Office365.  Thanks for the help!

Last question:  Is there a way to do all of this without using an extension for the shared support mailbox account?  There is no phone associated with this account so I was wondering if somehow this could be setup without using an extension as we are kinda running low and the department doesn't want to be billed for another extension if they don't have to!  Thanks again

Hi Chris,


THis is exactly what I need and it didn't work for me.


It is still going to the Cisco Unity messaging system...


What am I missing?


I somewhat missed the requirment that you are referring here. could you please brief what you actually need to full fil. 


if you are referring to call forward to voice mail for a hunt pilot, you can configure the hunt pilot number as user mail box in unity system. in the hunt pilot configuration page, provide your voice mail pilot number. 



I want a seperate voicemailbox to be hit after no one answers the calls.