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 I'm able to ping ipv4 across LANs (IT host to Operator Host for example) But I can't get a ipv6 ping for the life of me, I enabled unicast routing and configured the hosts and devices to the address table (word doc linked below) help plz  


Hello Dears, I have an interface on my ASR9K router with a duplicate IPV6 link-local address, and when I add the link-local address manually, the conflict doesn't disappear and the interface is still down.  Bundle-Ether(x.x)  is Up, ipv6 protocol is ...

I want to configure an ipv6 ACL called PORT80 that:Permits an IPv6 LAN (2001:10:1:1::/64) to browse port 80 to a server (2001:202:1:1::254)Deny any IPv6 TCP packets with source port 80 from entering a LAN ACL also must not prevent other...

Hallo, I have a WS-C3750X-24P version 15.2(1)E1 switch that I am trying to run IPv6 in VRF but I get the following message 'IPv6 VRF not supported for this platform or this template'.. I have used the 'mls ipv6 vrf' command but an error occurs '% Inv...

Joy3 by Level 1
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Hello, I am trying to run Ipv6 via our network but the cisco 3750 vlan has a local link and is showing up as a gateway on the a connected client on that vlan. can i stop the link-local fe80 ipv6 ip's from being enabled on the vlan and showing up as a...

CobbyJ by Level 1
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Hi All   My devices can't access tools.cisco.com to update their SMART (or rather no so...) license status via IPv6. As this is the preferred protocol for most devices today, they only try it via IPv6. Here some data: $ ping 2001:420:1101:5::A PING 2...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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I have devised the following ZBPF on my 1941 router. Problem is IPv6 doesn't work. I cannot get any IPv6 connectivity. IPv6 works fine with the ZBPF disabled, i.e. not applied to any interfaces. Anyone have any ideas as to why it doesn't work. ! clas...