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I cannot seem to get a basic NAT64 configuration working on a Cisco 4321.  The config has been reset; and only the following changes: ipv6 unicast-routing!interface Loopback0 ip address!interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0 descripti...

Hello,I'm trying to get familiar with PPP IPv6 using SLAAC (and later DHCPv6).So I set up a very simple GNS3 lab with two C2691 IOS images (old but it should be enough):I'm using a serial link so that I do not need the PPPoE configuration items (BBA ...

lab.png icmpv6-ra.png

Hello all, I'm a little confused on iBGP and IPv6. Here is our setup: We have a Nexus 3000 which houses our VLANS and serves as our layer 2 device. Our eBGP sessions are on a Juniper MX960. We want to start routing our IPv6. I've done BGP for IPv4 an...

Plout0n by Beginner
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Hey,maybe someone else has a similar problem. ISP(dynamic v6 Prefix) <=> ASA <=> Routernow: ASA as DHCPv6-Client , router uses "ipv6 general-prefix"future: ASA as PD-client and DHCPv6 service with delegation for the router ASA(config)#ipv6 dhcp pool ...

mennig by Beginner
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Hello, I was wondering, if someone could please take a look at the attached config including logs.Basically, I wanted to set up a simple dhcpv6  topology:dhcpv6 RTR----Relay----Client. For some reason client does not receive DHPCv6 address. At dhcpc6...

Netmart by Beginner
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I'm trying to learn more about IPv6 but with the huge amount of information out there, I'm having trouble even coming up with the terminology to search for my issue with.My ISP provides me with a dynamic /48 through prefix delegation and I'm trying t...


Hi everyone I'm studying cisco as a self-taught I came to subnetting. By doing an online exercise, the following happened to me:What are the subnet mask, first available host address of subnet one (NOT subnet zero), and the maximum number of hosts pe...

Hi,I am trying to setup a lab for SD WAN, I  am using vEdge qcow image available on Cisco's software store. I am aware one need smart account to for vEdge serial number but I have couple of queries around serial number and would appreciate if someone...