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ISP IPv6 Customer Provisioning

I have a few questions I’m hoping you may be able to answer for me. As an ISP, if you want to use a customer assignment scheme of assigning a /127 or /126 subnet to each customer's WAN, then giving them a full /48 for them to assign to their routers...

Cannot setting DHCP ipv6 in multilayer switch 3560-24ps

i can't setting DHCP Server ipv6 in my hardware 3560-24psi try to set "ipv6 dhcp pool blabla" failed, i have set "ipv6 unicast-routing" but  is not work.please help me Thank You.... Switch>enSwitch#conf tEnter configuration commands, one per line. En...

syahrul20 by Beginner
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IPv6 ACLS for LAN traffic

I'm making outbound Ipv6 ACLs for LAN traffic on L3 SVIs and am trying to determined what is actually needed. I have several source/destination combos that I am not sure if i need to permit.seeing drops on outbound V6 ACL with source and destination ...


I could not find any documentation as to what vender specic ID (Enterprise ID) to use for providing and IP Phone with a IPV6 TFTP Server via DHCP.  This is the equivelent of Option 150 in IPV4. I did find a post that showed it, but the post was talki...

CCIE7700 by Beginner
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IPV6 NAT64 google DNS64 configuration

Does anyone have any experience setting up NAT64 using Google DNS64? I have just started using IPv6 and am unable to access IPV4 network over this obviously. But I am having issues configuring NAT64, I m wanting to use stateful (unless I am unable t...

IPv6 on Cisco 2851 Router

I have a Cisco 2851 Router that connects to a SB6183-Cable Mobem My provider supports IPv6 so I want to set it up on the  "outside" interface But the "outside" interface get an IP Address via DHCP...which never changes So I do not know if it is even ...

Resolved! ipv6 address autoconfig vs ipv6 address dhcp

Hello everybody. Please pardon my silly questions, I'm a newby in this field. I have two questions about IPv6 address configuration:1) If an interface is set with ipv6 address autoconfig, will it use any of the three auto-configurations options (RA i...

tresdodi by Beginner
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IPV6 Temorary IP

Hello Guys , I have a 2900 Series ISP provided router. They have provided me an IPV6 /64 range in LAN interface. When i connect a laptop directly to that interface and assign a static IP  fd1d:27ba:9514:61bf::5/64  (This is just for Example) On ro...

7941G IP phone not receiving IPv6 address

Hi guys,I am having trouble with receiving IPv6 address from my 2811 CME router that has been configured as a DHCPv6. Could you please help me what is wrong with my configuration below? Thank you.Router#sh runBuilding configuration...Current configur...

Help setting up Dhcpv6 for Cisco IP Phones

Hello, I have a requirement where I need to deploy multiple cisco IP phones in a IPv6 deployment. And each of these phones will be talking to their individual tftp servers. Can you please let me know how we can configure individual dhcpv6 pool for ea...

skarurba by Cisco Employee
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