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Could use a hand with IPv6 Strategy

Have IPv6 (Dynamic) from Comcast. I am able to get a /60 and need some help with what to do next.As you can see in the pic, I'm able to route IPv4 via the IP Services on the 3560. That's working well. Now I want to get IPv6 up and running.In the past...

singtneyu by Beginner
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Hello members,Am stranded with router configuration. Much as ports are enabled, communication isn't possible. Attached below is the Packet Tracer File

Resolved! Discard ::/127

My output from sh ipv6 ::/0no route::/127discard2001:DB8:ACAD:1001::/64attached to GigabitEthernet0/02001:DB8:ACAD:1001::2/128receive for GigabitEthernet0/0FE80::/10receive for Null0FF00::/8multicast   what means ::/127 discard? everything up to ::/1...

hfakoor222 by Participant
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Centurylink IPv6 on Cisco RV340

I have followed a number of online guides on setting up Centurylink IPv6 6rd on various routers.  I tried the exact same approach on my RV340 and cannot get it to establish an IPv6 connection.  The settings are attached.  I did wonder if a "DHCP-PD" ...

Rustin B by Beginner
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Need help with IPV6 and multicast...

Long and short is that I have a switch only network (not because I wanted it, but because I was given it as a cruel joke) there are three networks per switch, and three layer three interfaces. Vlan 400,450 and g1/0/24. Unicast works through. Now I am...

bakelmion by Beginner
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IPV6 multicast ping not working

Hello,I am configuring ipv6 multicast in the below-shown setup. ospfv3 and PIM sparse-mode is enabled on all the routers and on all the interfaces of the router.R1-----R2------(gi0/1)R3  \                                 (gi0/0)    \                 ...

iPXE on UCS-C220-M5 using IPv6 doesn't work

Hi Team,I am trying to use iPXE on a Cisco UCS C220-M5 machine. The machine uses the NIC model- UCS VIC 1457. Whatever I do I cannot get networking up using IPv6 from within iPXE.  I tried to use both SLAAC and Stateful DHCPv6 approach for obtaining ...

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 1.59.47 pm.png
ansa by Beginner
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IPv6 Static Routing Question

I’ve been studying for the CCNA primarily using the OCG books (Wendell Odom), and I am having difficulty understanding a paragraph about IPv6 routing.The OCG states that you cannot add a static route specifying only an outgoing interface, if that int...

kisayquri by Beginner
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Resolved! Assign IPV6 To VPCS in GNS3

So I am able to get SLAAC working on my VPCS : Output PC2  here is topology   However I cannot normally set a default gateway using standard VPCS command PC2>  ip ipv6Address/64 (this works)  this is link address for my interfaces on my router FE80:C...

lmao.png 2022-02-27 08_21_25-Greenshot capture form.png
hfakoor222 by Participant
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IPv6 via 200-301

For those of you who recently sat your exam. I am curious as to how much IPv6 questions existed? According to the CCNA Blueprint topics, how much IPv6 did you actually encounter on the exam? Thanks to all for the valuable input!

rathuweli by Beginner
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IPv6 Multicast PIM Nbma-Mode

Hello everyone  i am deploying IPv6 multicast over DMVPN and i could not find any command to support ipv6 pim nbma-mode, is there any alternative solution for deploying IPv6 multicast over DMVPN (i am assuming Source and Receivers are located in Spok...

Wailess84 by Beginner
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Cisco 867VAE PPPoE VDSL Config

I'm looking for general config for VDSL PPPoE on a Cisco 867VAE I have a  block of Public IP addresses and I only what to use this router to give out the public IP addresses for devices.  So no NAT or Firewall, No Private IP's, no other services - ju...

IPv6 not working over dot1q-tunnel ?

Hello, we have a dot1q tunnel to our co-locationand can ping the servers in the co-locationover IPv4, but not over IPv6. The serversget an IPv6 address through the dot1q tunnelfrom the router interface per statelessaddress autoconfiguration, but I ca...

ralfw by Beginner
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Telnet resolving names via IPv6 instead of ipv4

If I ping tools.cisco.com it is successful via ipv4:ROUTER# ping tools.cisco.comType escape sequence to abort.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:!!!!!Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 62/62/...

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