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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Forum Posts

VPN Client and authentication

Hi,I have a Cisco 806 router and want to enable VPN access to a Windows 2000 PC (with Cisco VPN client).On the Cisco Web site i can found only sample about Cisco VPN Client 3.x for Windows to IOS Using local Extender. For this solution I need a AAA S...

phiz.petry by Beginner
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Cisco ACS and LDAP

Scenario:Got 2 identical ACS Servers (same hardware, OS), running on v.2.6.3 (same configuration), and both talking to the same LDAP server. LDAP provide database for all users.These ACS Servers are not in load-balance or clustering mode, but standal...

a.kiprawih by Rising star
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Pix Banner: telnet access without AAA

I know that with AAA you can set up a banner to come up when someone accesses your firewall, auth-prompt. Is there a way to do this with stand alone telnet, the console or ssh? I can't seem to find the command. I want to add a banner that basicall...

rwebster by Beginner
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ACS authentication problem

I configured 2 ACS v3.0 servers on 2 w2k servers and they worked fine, initially. However, after doing something(seems that it's replicating database between the 2 ACS servers, but not sure), when I telnet into a AAA client router, I was only prompte...

y.lo by Beginner
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Cisco ACS 2.4 to 3.0 upgrade

Hi everybody, I'm just wondering, I'm going to upgrade my ACS server from 2.4 to 3.0 with different machine, does ACS support automatic transfer all user account information between ACS, or do i have to type all those in again?look forward for any re...

tkpsimon by Beginner
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