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We have a switch C3750 V12.2(44)SE which has to many ssh session, and we cannot access anymore to this switch, because telnet is disabled. SNMP access is possible. Is it possible to kill the ssh processes or is there another solution available to get...

b.hofmann by Beginner
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Hi,am having problem connecting the DCR Master(RME) to one of the DCR slave(DFM) but the master can exchange certificate with two other slaves(IPM and CM).Can someone please tell or explain to me where i got it all wrong, I need to do this ASAP,pleas...

Does anyone have a problem with Data Collection running a extremely long time.I only have 300 devices managed and no IP Phones but collection takes 2-3 hours or more to complete. The version I'm running is 5.0.3

dionjiles by Beginner
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Hi,I have rebooted the server , resetcasuser but the RME doesn't want to start.Error message is the following :Could not get database connection. Make sure that RME DB server is running. Check RMEHome.log for more details. Any ideas ?Please find the ...

ogor by Beginner
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Hi All,I have had used LMS in the past however it was always an installed setup.Now here I'm facing a situation wherein I have to startup a new LMS environment from the scratch.Could you please advise how to start with the setup i.e. after installati...

I have cwlms 3.0 this is configured to integrate with ACS 4.1All of our managed switches and routers are tacacs enabled apart from our ccm servers (ccm3.2)RME is correctly flagging the servers up as NON ACS.CM is discovering the servers but is unable...

Hi,i have installed LMS application onas follows;Server 1:DFM and CM (DCR Server)Server 2:RME (DCR Slave)Server 3:IPM (DCR Slave)Server 4:CV. (DCR Slave)There are the issues:1. There`re more than 3,000 devices in the network,but it can only discover ...

sameoj1881 by Beginner
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Hi,Just a quick question on device discovery using CDP and SNMP v2.Scenario:Site A consist of the following cisco deviceRouter - VLAN 1 - 1/Vlan 1: 2/Vlan 1: 3/Vlan 1:

Sometimes, if i add a device to LMS 2.6, it doesnt appear in the DCR straight away, but does show in the "devices not configured in ACS" report. However the devices are in ACS, and after i stop/start dmgtd, the devices appear in the DCR.Obviously i d...

hello.when I tried to debug one of our cisco routers, I got the output below.anyone know hwat it means??seem like an IOS bug..back up doesn't kick in..ThanksMay 7 15:53:33.992 UTC: ASSERTION FAILED: file "/vws/bvb/CPY-v123_8_t_throttle.V123_8_T11/vo...

jsheriony by Beginner
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I am trying to unmanaged a Se0/1 interface on a router in DFM but the drop down option isn't available. It's defaulted to TRUE the other interfaces on the devices have a managed state option true or false available. What should I do to correct this.

dionjiles by Beginner
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