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I configured my switch synchronize time from NTP server, I do "show clock" command and got everything seem ok, the switch got correct time(UTC:+7), but when I do "show logg" command, entry log display in incorrect time-zone. (UTC:0), which wrong here...

I'm trying to configure Call Home on a Nexus 5548, software version 7.0(6)N1(1).  Below is the configuration: vrf context management   ip domain-name  ip name-server  ip route ! callhome  site-id M...

I'm just curious if anyone knows of software, or a quick method, to determine what devices are connecting to our DMZ servers based on rules we have configured in the ASA? Basically, I just want to know how I can get a clear picture, possibly with dia...

rweir0001 by Beginner
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Dears, I need help to figure out what is wrong with my EEM applet script : Am in need to send by mail the result of ping to different destinations, the script is as below: event manager session cli XXXX event manager environment _email_from XXXXXeve...

mjaffal01 by Beginner
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Hi team, I am having problems with EEM script.  Basically, It kicks off when a specific router loses connectivity back to the core. If the tunnel reset does not work, it is supposed to schedule a reload at 2300 that night. The script correctly restar...