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I'm noticing the output queue drops on my 3850 has huge values across virtually every port. Is there a way I can trigger some sort of EEM script to dump the packets to a wireshark file when queue drops are detected on an interface so I can see what a...

i have a question please see attached image i have three remote site 1,2,3 these are connected via MPLS cloud from DATA center 1 and DATA center 2 remote sites does not have direct internet connection they take this service from data center and DATA...

I was wondering we have templates for our managed devices. We have 3 or 4 TCL scripts per device, when we add a new device we load the template and then manually add the TCL script to the correct folder. My question is there any way to load a TCL fr...

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I have created a compliance template to check for port security commands on access ports.When I run this template against a switch ALL the ports are showing non-compliant.Including the management port and the trunked uplink port.  So it would seem th...

We use Palo Alto firewall pa-500. Now it does all the things: internet gateway, vpn server. We have 3 zones: Internet (two isp providers)Servers - About 20 physical servers (a lot of small virtual servers inside)WAN     - 80 vpn branches (10 branches...