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Hi all. I'm missing a function in PI 2.0 (as I know from LMS 4.2).Reporting a MAC-Address-List by device (switch). In PI, I've only found a report "device" ==> "wired port attribute" ==> "wired port attribute detailed report"Here I can select "Report...

mfilser by Beginner
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Hopefully this is the correct forum for our question... We were running ManageWise Netflow Monitor with the following configuration on our 7606 to monitor traffic flow:!!ip flow-cache timeout active 1!!interface TenGigabitEthernet4/8.2570description ...

dtom by Beginner
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We were following below link to Downloading the Startup Configuration From a Remote Server on nexus switch (7010) but getting error message like 'sysmgr_copy_nvram_dest_action: src uri_type = 2 is not supported yet'. even though file transfer seems s...

Hello,Im new with the LMS4.1 soft appliance and got some questions after 1st touch with it:1. Where can you get the documentation about the very special LMS-appliance-CLI? Is it possible to SSH to the linux-shell directly?2. What is the default root ...

Hello, I have been scouring the Internet for an answer to what I initially thought was a simple question.Can the basic DHCP server in the Cisco IOS update a remote DNS server (BIND) with the host names of the clients it serves?  I know this is known ...