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Hi,I've got an issue I hope someone can help with. I have 2 x 4510 Catalysts and 1 x 4506 Catalyst switches that have been relocated within my estate. Since the move my LMS 4.2 seems to be unable to perform a config collection or carry out any sort o...

                   Hi All,We are getting contineous logs on the switch as below7313BD1F1Aug 22 18:58:50.802 IST: %AUTHMGR-5-SUCCESS: Authorization succeeded for client (0013.7288.09a9) on Interface Fa5/36 AuditSessionID 3A02251100004F0D2CBF2363Aug 22...

I have customer who wants to receive all syslog from all routers and switches but is not willing to accept it in a syslog server.  He wants it in raw text format prior to any syslog server.  Clear a solution is to ssh into every device periodically a...

Tod Larson by Participant
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Hi,We have an NCS prime. We'r unable to login via GUI interface, password is unknown as the person handling the systems has left.Using command prompt, we did password reset , following cisco guide, however the GUI is still inaccessible.Any idea on ho...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello, I am trying to have a simple EEM script triggered when a CPU spike is detected on the device...  I have tried several combinations but here is where I stand.router#show run | sec resourceresource policy  policy HIGHCPU global   system    cpu i...

Not sure if this is the right forum, but is Cisco going to help out the folks who buy their hardware secondhand to Train and certify with as regards the new IOS Licensing deal? Not everyone can attend the Cisco Academy for CCNA or NP certifications....

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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