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Hello All, I'm new to the forums and was wondering if i could get some help. Our department is runing CiscoWorks LMS 4.0 and we have a remediation project going on that all network appliances need to have https either disabled or a certificate instal...

adm-hzwez by Level 1
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Hi team,i am unable to see WS-C3750E-24TD-SD OID in common services of lms version 4.0.1Is this supported in this version ? and in order to get the support of this device, what should i do.regardssecit()                  

secureIT by Level 4
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All,First of all, this board has been instramental in helping us through a number of issues we have had in building out our new corporate headquarters.  I do have a netflow question that has got me this time.  Below is my netflow config on a set of 4...

mlharv007 by Level 1
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Resolved! Flash upgrade 3750

Hey Guys,Is it possible to upgrade the flash on the 3750's? We have the older 3750 (WS-C3750-48P-S) only has 15998976bytes flash...If so could someone kindly give me the upgrade options. (new version of IOS wont fit on flash)Thank youBilal

Hi all. I have one segment network where i must monitor one host.  But there segment not have switches or routers who can work with NetFlow. And i think i can monitor this host via span(port mirroring). When i do it i have problem. Sniffers get too m...

Hello,I've setup a NTP service by using Cisco 2811 routers. This works fine at the moment, but in the end there are some questions left.1. I'm using two 2811 Routers, one for primary, which is resceiving the time from PUBLIC NTP 1, and one for backup...

Kai Onken by Level 1
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Dear all,   Can you please help , how to run CSPC tool.if you have good documents pls share me.1.Whether server is mandatory to run CSPC tool?2.If yes can I run Server in Windows system?Regards,Ajith

guys, below is capture from our N7K, it is normal ? attached is process sortN7K# show processes cpu history     667656577656766777656666566767666656676656765657665666756667    400944840781477430371289950341043670101261668873067380071941100           ...

HI all,We have created LMS 3.2 in our server and works fine for a while.Now, we have decided to change the server, so we installed LMS 3.2 in our new server once again. my question would be is there any way to export data( all configuration) from pri...

Hi,on IOS 15.1 with eem version 3.2 the default setting for the number of parallel tcl policies that can run is one.There is the command "event manager scheduler script thread class <name> number <#>"  to change the number of scripts that can be exec...