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Hi Guys, I have Firepower 8350 device with Ten Gi Sensor module (s1p1,s1p2 , s2p1,s2p2,s3,p3)  , but default s1p1 is enable , i'm trying to enable to other sensor interface , Didn't find the option to enable it - Firepower 8350 is managed by Firesi...

Dears HI,  I would like to upgrade my old firewall ASA 5510 to be ASA 5512 and I have some problems after permitted access rules and routed and make NAT rules also the packet is dropped. and how i can make NAT exempt between two VALNs? THX Mugtaba ...

I attempted to order a 5506W-X from CDW and they informed me that the product has been discontinued.  A few other sources online seem to corroborate that, however I cannot find any "official" word from Cisco that the product has been discontinued.  ...

wsladekjr by Beginner
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Hi What exactly contains the SKU L-FPR4110T-TMC-3Y. It is with fully Cloud Sandboxing? Or what I need else for Sandboxing Cloud or better On-prem? Thanks. Raphael

raphael.s by Beginner
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