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Hi everyone; I want to buy 2 ASA 5512-fwpr-k9 and I want to make them on Active/Standby is that possible ? if yes; should I have 2 licenses (L-ASA5512-TAMC-3Y) one for each or should I have just one between them ? are this model provided with Secur...

mohameddz by Beginner
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Hi, There is a problem with my ASA and BFD through it. BGP sessions are constantly breaking: *Dec 7 05:47:34.476: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor Up*Dec 7 05:47:34.992: %BGP-5-NBR_RESET: Neighbor reset (BFD adjacency down)*Dec 7 05...

Hello! Asa 5525-X. When loaded with ASA version 9.5(2)6, I had a problem with high CPU utilization: DATAPATH-0-1814                    99.0%    96.8%    86.9%CP Processing                      0.3%    0.4%    0.5%tmatch compile thread              0...

Hello everyone, Please can you help me about a rule static Nat one to one is not working well. IN the rule I have three services or three ports tcp 3299, 3200 and 3300, this ports are Nating by the IP address  P.P.P.P, when I try test the conection ...

Resolved! DNS TTL in ASDM

Hi Guys, In Cisco ASA 5505 ASDM, is there a way to see the remaining TTL for DNS entries. With CLI you can use the command #show dns and it displays the remaining TTL. How can I see it with ASDM? (Backgroud: I am using FQDN based ACL and hence would...

Hello, We're replacing a failed ASA5505 with a 5508 and noticing they're not similar right away.   The previous ASA had a vlan with 2 subnets configured, then configured the switchports to access members of the vlan.  This was ideal for our servers...

m01101101 by Beginner
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Hello,everybody. I have two asa 5555-X . I what to do a failover with active/standby, and I have already done. but I have a problem now,  if asa outside interface goes down, I want to asa inside interface goes down, to  effect downstram device go to ...

We found an error when try to upgrade Network Sensor Patch. Any Idea what the cause? OUT: Verifying archive integrity...OUT: All good.OUT: Uncompressing Cisco Network Sensor Patch / Fri Mar 25 14:01:08 UTC 2016OUT: .OUT: .OUT: .OUT: .OUT: .OUT: .OUT...