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Hello, I receive this email alert sending from my fireSIGHT <*- New Client From "SourcePower IP" at Mon May  2 20:04:14 2016 UTC -*>   IP Address: <internal server> HTTP Google Update I am pretty sure this is one of the alert option that ...

Ve Con by Beginner
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I have done this in the past, but no longer have access to check my config. What I am looking for an example of is to swap the external host IP with the inside IP of the firewall for inbound connections to a server.  We are adding a firewall that eve...

I am trying to move from a 5505 to a 5510 but i don't know how to get the VLANs configured how i need them.  Behind the firewall are 2 servers only and nothing else.  I don't want to add a switch because there are only 2 devices, the cost of the swit...

Iain by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco ASA 5506-X

Hello, I am working with an Cisco ASA 5506-X and I am trying to configure a third interface card. Previously I worked with an 5505 where I could configure a third interface card with basis license by restricting traffic flow. I tried it by using asd...

Felix.Wol by Beginner
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I plan on deploying two ASAs with two ISPs TWC/VZ (See diagram).  I already seen many documents referencing dual ISPs redudnacy with single ASA.  Question I have is if I want to deploy two ASAs as redundancy with dual IPSs is there any document for s...

cko by Beginner
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