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Hello Experts Team I have 4 Firewalls which are ASA 5520 and running with Code and want to know what next IOS can be upgraded onto these firewalls. As this is Critical expecting a faster answer on this. Looking forward for an positive repl...

jayanth.r by Level 1
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I am setting up a new active/standby pair of ASA 5525-X appliances.  They are currently running 9.4(2) code.  I have a couple of other ASA failover pairs in production but I never bothered setting up the management interface for those. I thought I'd ...

darthnul by Level 1
  • 14 replies
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Hello, we have setup cisco firepower 4120 with an ASA image. the ASA is configured. when I am logged into the firewall i can ping an IP downstream on the inside interface and also ping upstream to the router.  But, I cannot ping or pass traffic thr...

Hello, I have a standby FWSM in a Cat6500 whose backplane etherchannel is in a down state: switch#sh int port-channel 270 switchport Name: Po270Switchport: EnabledAdministrative Mode: trunkOperational Mode: downAdministrative Trunking Encapsulation: ...

Derek Lee by Level 1
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Hi All, I have a task to create some rules for a Firewall that is in production and currently does not have any rules on the Firewall. I've managed to look onto the Firewall and see the top protocols going through the Firewall and generic protocols...

Hi, I'm trying to find out how to use PBR in conjunction with static NAT. I'm able to make it work with Dynamic PAT, but not static NAT... Trouble 6 Oct 05 2016 08:47:42 110003 80 28641 Routing failed to locate next hop for TCP ...

Hi to all of you :) I am having an issue on my firewall, but since I am quite new in ASA I cannot find the cause. I have found some similar issue regarding this, but it doesn't help me fix my problem: I have set on the management port IP (in ASA IOS...

Rawit2015 by Level 1
  • 12 replies
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