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Dears,   I have three questions, Please answer   Please find the attached error. whenever i navigate to edit the ACP , i get a pop-up as per the attached , also when i save after doing any changes  i get an a attached pop-up error, hence it is a bug ...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
  • 12 replies
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I have a problem with my FTDv 7.3.1 on ESXi. When I start uploading a large file over L2L VPN using SCP or SFTP between the server and the remote host, after a while the outside FTDv subinterface becomes unavailable and IPSec is aborted. After a few ...

dyakovsky by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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We need to import the server certificate to the ASA in order to use LDAPS for VPN authentication.  The server certificate has a creation date of 06-06-2021 but an expiration of 06-06-2121.  When I attempt to import the certificate into the ASA the cr...

I am setting up new FTD 1120 with local device manager.I have a few queries.a) When I issue the shutdown command as shown command from CLI (FW01(local-mgmt)# shutdown ) firewall reboots at the end. Is it normal?b) When I login to the FTD for the firs...

taro75 by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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Hello All, Can anyone help me how can I enable logging using Ssh So that I can collect/view debug logs for real time logs and previous logs like 3-4 days before. Below is the output of my ftd cli firepower# show logging Syslog logging: disabled ...

vishal77 by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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Hi All,I downloaded the asdm-openjre-7191-90.bin (Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager for ASA 9.8-9.19 integrated with OpenJRE) BIN file and I have no clue how to execute this.I did some googling and from what I found you need to burn it to a CD a...

Antony_85 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi All,We are planning to upgrade our FMC and the FTDs managed by the same FMC to the better version which is stable.Currently we are running the below in the FMC.Cisco Firepower Extensible Operating System (FX-OS) v2.11.1 (build 154)Cisco Firepower ...

ssan239 by Level 1
  • 12 replies
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