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ASA 5510 - traffic from LAN to LAN (via public IP) is denied

Hello,On my network, I have an ASA 5510 with this configuration :                    WWW                         |                         |                    ISP Bridge                         |                         |          (outside Interface...

infocis13 by Beginner
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DNS Inspect on FWSM module

We picked up a strange problem on the FWSM . DNS Queries sent to UDP 53 for the DNS services hosted on a Linux server failed to work .DNS INSPECT on the Firewalls had to be turned off & DNS tests were fired again to get this working .  Is this a know...

Versions of ASA OS

Hi there.I hope that somebody can give me a clue of this. I was looking for information for ASA OS like Cisco Feature Navigator provide it. I need to know for example which version are either ED, LD, GD or DF.Thanks in advanced for the information!Re...

javi_cesp by Beginner
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Pix 525 6.2 Mac control

Hello, I'm trying to configure a pix 525 with 6.2 firmware version, usually I would try this:mac access-list extended (name)permit host (mac) anyint f0/0mac access-group (name) inbut this pix doesn't have mac commands. Can someone help me?ThanksMario...