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Hi,   I am reviewing to do a Qos for one of the IP , which is routed at ASA. There are lot of usage for that IP ( Bandwidth Usage ) , trying to limit the Bandwidth usage during day time. Can we do Time Based QoS so during Priduction hour it can use l...

MSJ1 by Beginner
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Hi All,   My client is currently intermittent network connectivity issue. And i believe it is due to the IPS. They claimed they have bypassed the IPS module but when I check the configuration, it remain intact on the ASA5. From my understanding, bypa...

I have a requirement where i need to deploy 50 rows in an excel on FTD devices added in an there any way i can do this via FMC-API or a script ? i am not very versed with FMC-API and it is very troublesome to create large no. of rules in an F...

Secure_M10 by Beginner
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in EVE-NG I simulated a simple network environment with an FMC (6.4.0-113) and two FTD in cluster (6.4.0-102). I also added two PCs in order to test the security policies and the traffic works as I expected: I created this LAB in order to replicate a...


Using OS Code: 9.10(1)27When I do show access-list it gives me output with ACLs having object-groups in source and destination however under that it also list the IPs covered under that object group. I do not want that detailed listing and only the A...

ring zer0 by Beginner
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Resolved! SSL Certificate

in Cisco ASA all VPN users accessing FW and servers  using Cisco any connect with a specific URLI have changed URL which is recorded in Goddady, but once I connect the message shows certificate untrust  , there are some CA certificate in ASA for old ...