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Resolved! URLs filtering problemes ASA 5510

hi everybody i use ASA 5510 and i want to block some urls : to 79 allow every thing  to 89 : block facebook , myspace, twiter,  to 99 : block facebook , myspace, twiter,  youtube , dailymotion to 19...

Resolved! Cisco ASA5510-SSL250-K9 (ASA 5510 VPN Edition w/ 250 SSL User License, 3DES/AES)

Hi!A Cisco ASA5510-SSL250-K9 (ASA 5510 VPN Edition w/ 250 SSL User License, 3DES/AES) can be used for up to 250 IPSec or SSL VPN connections.Please clarify if this version has Active/Active or Active/Standby features.If two ASA boxes are to be deploy...

net buzz by Beginner
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Help me! Problem with Pix 501

I'm using Pix 501 with firmware: Version 6.3(3)I have problem with Pix 501:+ transfer rate data between interface outside and inside very slow, even between 2 interface inside.+ I have test file transfer between 2 PC connect via interface inside. + R...

minhhples by Beginner
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Resolved! Access-group command on ASA

hi all,Need  to confirm if this is right way to use ACL  to block specfic user from accessing wwwConfig 1access-list BLOCK extended deny tcp host any eq www logaccess-group BLOCK in interface insideHere IP is used as source  w...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Hit count in ASA

Hi everyone,Need to confirm how hit count is incremented in ASA.I am pinging IP from PC connected to ASA  .PC has send 4 packetsHere is ASA infociscoasa#                                                         sh access-li$access-list cached ACL log ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
  • 2 replies
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Cisco ASDM - Allow Ports

We recently entered into a contract with a new payment processor.  The credit card machine communicated via telephone line or Internet.  We have a Cisco ASA 5505 security appliance.  Using the Cisco ASDM control interface, I would like to set up perm...

Proxy Bypass ASA 5550

I would like to get some more information on how the Proxy Bypass works.  I have an internal site that the users need to get to and needs to bypass the proxy to work correctly.  I found some documentation but it is some what sparse.  The site URL loo...

nwlogical by Beginner
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